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UK Governments Latest Advice on Polygraph Testing

  1. What are we going to do? We will commence a 3 year pilot of mandatory polygraph examinations on domestic abuse perpetrators released on licence identified as being at high risk of causing serious harm. A 3 year pilot will provide sufficient time to build up the necessary numbers of released offenders to conduct a robust evaluation. […]

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American Polygraph Association APA

The UK Polygraph Association is honoured to have been featured in the quarterly magazine sent worldwide to all qualified polygraph examiners. The American Polygraph Association (APA) is the leading professional polygraph organization in the world, representing more than 2,800 experienced polygraph examiners in private business, law enforcement and government. Professional APA polygraph examiners administer hundreds of[…]

British Polygraph Association



British Polygraph Association and the UKPA

The U.K. Polygraph Association (UKPA) formerly the British Polygraph Association is celebrating its first anniversary as the UKPA. In the past the professional polygraph examiners in the U.K. have lacked a unifying body to support and encourage Continued Professional Development (CPD) and the free flow of the exchange of experience between fellow professionals. Also of great[…]