British Polygraph Association

British Polygraph Association and the UKPA

The U.K. Polygraph Association (UKPA) formerly the British Polygraph Association is celebrating its first anniversary as the UKPA.

In the past the professional polygraph examiners in the U.K. have lacked a unifying body to support and encourage Continued Professional Development (CPD) and the free flow of the exchange of experience between fellow professionals. Also of great concern to those examiners was the total non-existence of both recognition and communication with our own official government departments in both understanding and deploying the benefits of the polygraph in investigations and safeguarding of the U.K. public.

I am pleased to report that the UKPA have made great strides is all of these areas and now support an active members network enabling examiners to exchange both information and experience.  The association also now fund and provide APA accredited CPD training in the U.K. with the help of Scott Walters, and importantly, we have been able to gain recognition with a number of U.K. government and Law enforcement agencies and we have members working with these agencies.

We are continually greatful for the help and support that the APA has historically given to examiners in the U.K.  Our association’s principles are based on the APA constitution and our members are required to hold APA accreditation.

As the worlds acknowledged lead provider of both training and research, the APA play a pivotal role in the continued development in the systems of detection of deception and our association look forward to playing any small part in assisting that progress in the future.

Finally, I would like to extend free membership of the UKPA to all APA examiners, no matter where in the world you are located, simply email our secretary, Jason Hubble at and we will forward your membership certificate by return.

Kind regards,

Mike Rumble

Chairman – U.K. Polygraph Association.

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