Samantha Baldwin

Samantha Baldwin

The UK Polygraph Association completely support Samantha Baldwin after one of our examiners worked with Samantha and her mother to prove her innocence, unfortunately the truth is being suppressed due to a court order banning the press talking about Samantha’s story which is so harrowing and a complete injustice that needs to be exposed. Samantha is tirelessly campaigning so the law can be changed for the better. The UK Government use polygraph daily for offenders on probation, such a shame the evidence in this case is being ignored.

Family courts are failing Britain’s children time and time again. Child abuse victims are often not believed and protective parents are vilified with some even being prevented from having any form of contact with their beloved children. Compelling evidence is often totally ignored and sometimes even distorted and used against the safe parent. Some children are removed with force from their protective parent and forced to live with their abuser.

Please visit Samantha Baldwins website by clicking here and support her and sign the petitions she is running for change.

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