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Lie Detection Services – Tony Clayton

Lie Detection Services and Tony Clayton are both a fake company and a fake person. You can pay £250 and get a custom lie detector test report sent to you with the backup of a website that looks semi legitimate, www.liedetectionservices. co .uk We were alerted this week by a sharp lady whose partner had presented her with a report, she quickly worked out it was fake and checked with the Secretary of the UK Polygraph Association for further confirmation. Whilst we understand the lengths some people will and do go to in order to cover up a secret the best way is total honesty, this chap may still have his partner if had been honest in the first place.

For a prospective polygraph customers make sure you check the name of the examiner and make sure they are listed on the American Polygraph Associations Website here and on the UK Polygraph Associations website here

If you have been presented with a lie detector report question it, a qualified examiner will always ask for partners to attend a session where its possible.

If you have been a victim of lie Detection Services and Tony Clayton or have been presented with a report from them then we are sorry to say its fake and has been paid for through a website on Google offering fake polygraph test reports with a real website to back it up and a phone number you can call where someone will clarify that a polygraph test was actually taken ! Yet we have found they never answer the phone as we would like a comment from the fake company.

In the UK please make sure you use a UKPA Member, this shows they are not only qualified but are experienced. Taking a lie detector test can be a life changing experience and the time you research it first will pay off in the end.

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