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Why choose a UK Polygraph Association Examiner?

The UK Polygraph Association (UKPA) is the UKs original professional organisation formed to promote polygraph in the UK and the rest of the world. They encourage qualified polygraph examiners to join and be involved in a proactive organisation that not only shows prospective clients that the examiner is trained and qualified to a high level but also works to promote the sharing of knowledge and information amongst its members.

UKPA examiners are highly skilled and qualified experts who assist clients who employ our services by verifying the truth, they follow very high standards of moral, ethical, and professional conduct. UKPA requires its members to adhere to the American Polygraph Associations Principles of Practice and Code of Ethics.

To become a UKPA member, qualified examiners must adhere to strict guidelines and educational requirements that include hundreds of hours of coursework at an accredited APA school. All members must ensure they adhere to the APA continuing education and training rule to maintain membership.

This ensures when you engage a UKPA Professional you are then assured the examiner has been trained at a certified School and that they are not only qualified but experienced at their trade. They will also use accurate techniques and use the latest equipment available today to ensure the greatest accuracy. This will ensure you have hired the best available in the field of polygraph.

A UKPA member will have been trained and graduated from an approved American Polygraph Association School.

A UKPA member will respect the rights and dignity of all examinees whom they administer polygraph exams to.

A UKPA member will not render a result when the physiological readings lack sufficient clarity and or quality.

A UKPA member will allow an examinee post-test a reasonable opportunity to offer an explanation to physiological reactions to relevant questions in the charts.

A UKPA member will not provide an opinion on the medical condition of the examinee for which the member is not qualified professionally to give. This does not preclude the UKPA member from noting the behaviour or appearance of the examinee.

A UKPA member should not conduct a polygraph examination when they believe the examination is intended to defy or circumvent the law. If they believe this is the case post-test then the relevant authorities should be informed.

A UKPA member will never accept or solicit fees or gifts of any type that are intended to influence the result of any examination.

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