Forensic Psychology



The Role of Forensic Psychology in Private Lie Detector Testing

Forensic Psychology — An Overview Forensic Psychology is predominantly used in criminal cases to ascertain the connection between the individual behaviour and also the relevance and significance to the criminal act and law. As a derivative of overall emotional practices, The American Psychological Association specify the process as being research to the human behaviour and how this […]

lie detection services



Lie Detection Services – Tony Clayton

Lie Detection Services and Tony Clayton are both a fake company and a fake person. You can pay £250 and get a custom lie detector test report sent to you with the backup of a website that looks semi legitimate, www.liedetectionservices. co .uk We were alerted this week by a sharp lady whose partner had presented her[…]

National Probation Service



UK Governments Latest Advice on Polygraph Testing – Government Polygraph Testing

Government Polygraph Testing 1. What are we going to do? We will commence a 3 year pilot of mandatory polygraph examinations on domestic abuse perpetrators released on licence identified as being at high risk of causing serious harm. A 3 year pilot will provide sufficient time to build up the necessary numbers of released offenders to conduct a[…]